Cool Idea For Bridegroom – Perform On The Piano On Wedding Day

It’s your wedding day!

It’s the day you have been waiting for. Your guests are celebrating your marriage with your one and only. You want to give your guests a big treat and celebrate with them too.

However, you have no ideas. You have been really busy preparing for your wedding. And the worse thing, you have not planned for anything for the wedding day!

But you don’t want to disappoint your guests. And most importantly, you don’t want to disappoint your bride! You want to make her feel special and remember the occasion…forever!

What can you do?

Here’s the idea. Take it …

Plan a simple piece on the piano for her!

I know, I know… You don’t have any music background. You don’t have any music experience. The only musical instrument you had played before, is the recorder in your primary school. And maybe the drum in your school’s music room. That’s all. Nothing else.

You may be thinking now…Hmm, I really love the piano, I really want to play the piano for my bride. I never played the piano, how can I do it?

Don’t stress so much!

You can learn the piano!

You can take up piano lessons in Singapore to start preparing for your wedding day performance!

The piano looks really scary. It’s huge. It has lots of notes. But when you see pianists or piano teachers playing them, they look so easy, don’t they? It’s just like fingers running from one end to the other end of the piano.

But really, the piano is not that hard. And your performance for your bride don’t be that hard too. And that’s the point! Your performance is not to impress the crowd, and try to be a world class pianist that day. Your job is to simply play a song on the piano (which your wife never know you could play), and then use your music to touch her!

And because you are the man of the wedding, even if you played it with some little mistakes, your friends, your guests, your family, will still cheer you on! You don’t have to impress everyone. You just have to show your bride that you made an effort to learn the piano, and to play a song for her on her biggest day.

How to get started? 

Start signing up for piano lessons. If you are a beginner, it is recommended you have at least 3 months of lessons, or 10-12 lessons to help you prepare for you.

Because you are just learning 1 song, you don’t have to really go through the entire piano syllabus. If you want, you can continue after the wedding performance. But the main focus is to learn a song well, no matter how you do it, so that you will be ready to perform well on your wedding day.

You still need to learn the basics, but once you’ve learned it in the first few lessons, your teacher will focus on your song. Practice it well, and be ready to perform on that day!

To get started, you can sign up for piano lessons with The Happy Pianist, where they will match you with a suitable teacher to work with you on your piano performance right away!

Great Lighting for Your Wedding

You may think that for your wedding day, all that you would need is the right gown, the right bouquet and of course, the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with but then again, you might feel bad the moment that you see your pictures because the lighting is just not good enough. You have to remember that in order to take great photos, the natural light must also be evident. You will be surprised with how much great lighting can change your photographs.

Of course, if some of the pictures would have to be taken indoors, it will be great if the place from where the pictures would be taken will have lighting Singapore balestier. Adequate lighting can improve everything even your appearance and your guests will look different due to the light.

Lighting in the morning and afternoon may be different with the type of lighting commonly used in the evening. You do not have to pay too much attention to lights (aside from photographs) when your wedding will be done in daytime but if you are going to do it at night, you can think of many ways to make your lighting so much interesting than usual. Want to know the various ways on how you can be creative with the lights that you are going to use? Here are some tips:

  • Have some candles float on water.

You can choose to have some big bowls of water that you can place as the centerpiece of each table for the reception. Instead of letting the overhead lighting of the place dictate how the venue would look like, choose to place some floating candles on the bowls. It can change the appearance of the venue dramatically.

  • Place lighting on the small shrubs or trees.

This would depend on the venue that you are going to use for your wedding but if it is going to be outdoors and there are some shrubs and trees in the area, adequately lighting those up with small lights can change the whole appearance of the place. It will provide just enough light for people to appreciate the place where your wedding reception is taking place. Get to know more about lighting here:

  • Incorporate indoor lighting with outdoor elements (and vice versa)

It does not mean that just because you are indoors, you cannot make use of flowers, twigs and shrubs in order to add a great design to your venue and when you are outdoors, you may choose to place chandeliers on top of the wooden beams. You may be surprised with how opposites can complement each other well.

Remember to make the right choices when it comes to the lighting for your wedding. Surely, this will add to the natural beauty of your wedding as a whole.

How You Can Have an Outdoor Wedding

How do you usually envision your wedding to be like? There is a big chance that you would like it to be picturesque. Something similar to landscape paintings melbourne that you have seen before and even some of the paintings you have at home. As much as possible, you would like it to look amazing and this is the reason why you choose to have your wedding outdoors.

Having an outdoor wedding can always come with some issues the most important of which is that chance that the weather will not cooperate. Guests would not want to get wet as they attend your wedding especially after they have made a lot of effort into placing their makeup. You also would not want to march while heavy rain splatters all over your hair, your face and your lovely dress or gown.

If you would still like to continue on with having an outdoor wedding, here are some of the tips that you ought to remember:

  • Choose the Place You Like to Stay In

Having a garden wedding will not happen overnight. You have to make sure that you will choose the right place that can be appropriate for the number of guests that you have. At the same time, the place may or may not have a big tent that you can use if in case it rains.

  • Consider the Time of Your Wedding

If you truly want to make the place look magical, you have to pay attention to the time when the wedding will take place. Most weddings happen from 4 – 6 pm but you may change it up depending on what you think will be appropriate for you.

  • Decide if you would like to place the reception at the location of the wedding as well.

If you would do this, make sure to choose the right food for your guests appropriately. If you are planning on a small and intimate wedding, you can keep track of your guests’ food allergies so that you can change it up depending on what your guests can and cannot eat.

  • Pay attention to the type of lighting that you are going to use.

If your wedding will happen during daytime, you do not have to worry about this a lot but if it would happen at nighttime, you know that placing the appropriate lights is important to allow your guests to see the wedding as it takes place.

Get to know more about outdoor weddings here:

With these simple details in mind, you will be increasing the overall success of your wedding and of course, this is what you should aim for aside from aiming to be with the one you love forever.

Self Catering Your Wedding

CaptureA lot of couples who would like to get married actually consider self catering their wedding especially if they are good at cooking. Not only will this help them serve food that they know their guests will love, they can also offer something new to the usual weddings that we see right now.

People usually become scared with the thought that they have to self cater their wedding because of all the stress and problems that might befall them in the process. Admittedly, it can be hard but it does not mean that it is impossible. Couples are actually encouraged to try it out because they might become happy with what they will get.

Here are some things that you have to remember:

  • You do not have to cook everything. This means that you can still hire a separate caterer that can provide you and your guests the food that you cannot cook but you can also contribute something. A dish that you know you can do and actually enjoy. You may have to make sure that you will use fresh products to make the food taste great. You may choose the right Singapore seafood supplier to help you out.
  • Just focus on dessert. If you cannot imagine cooking for your own wedding, why not try making the desserts instead and serving them to your guests? Some desserts are easy to make and are also very yummy.
  • If you are not too keen on making desserts or you are not too fond of sweets, why not focus on giving appetizers instead? Appetizers are very easy to make and will surely let your personality shine through. When making appetizers, make sure to check out Zuzen Frozen Food Supplier for the products that you may need.

Thinking of finger food buffet? Watch this to get some ideas:

Other Tips

Here are other tips that can help you self cater your wedding:

  • Prepare Simple Meals – You do not have to go all out and extravagant especially because you have other things in mind.
  • Get Help – You have to make sure that you will still get help from people whom you know can help you out.
  • Check the Supplies that You Need – You have to have all the right supplies especially after you have already decided on what you want to cook. Whether you need dimsum supplies Singapore or other food, you have to prepare it ahead of time.

The best thing to remember when you are self catering your own wedding is you have to enjoy doing it because if you would not enjoy it, the effort that you will be placing on it will be futile.

Tip for Wedding Planners: Use SEO to Get Your Website Found


Every time wedding planners make their websites, they usually focus on just showing the work that they have done so far. It seems that they forget to focus on the content of their websites or the SEO of their sites to help people discover them more. Frozenrank Facebook can help people remember the importance of Singapore SEO for their websites. When wedding planners only blog about their experiences, they forget to place all the right keywords, all the right details that will lead people into their site.

It will be helpful if people could learn more about how to do SEO. There are different things that people would have to learn such as the following:

  • The use of the right keywords. There are different keywords that people search online. It will not be helpful if wedding planners will use the name of a vegetable as a keyword. There is a need for wedding planners to know the right keywords to place. They should not be too long and they should not be too recurring throughout the content of the whole article.
  • The right number of words. One of the reasons why people end up checking out other websites is because they do not like the content of the website. If you place words that are too few, this can be a bit disconcerting for a lot of people. They might be searching for a site that can give more details.
  • Make sure that you will be clear about what your purpose is. People will be interested in your site if they see the various things that you have accomplished so far but whether you are doing it for fun or if you are doing it for yourself will be unclear unless you will be clear with what you are going to say.

There is a chance that with all of the things that you have to do, you barely have time to try to figure out the various things that you should do. Crucial things like keyword placing would have to be considered. If you do not have time for all these, what you should do instead is make sure that you will hire the right Singapore SEO expert to help you out.

There are various companies that may be available on the Internet but the best thing to remember is to just check out Frozenrank SEO Company and you will get all of the details that you need for you to create the perfect website. Get to know more facts when you check this out:

Wedding tips to hiring a wedding photographer (Take note of #2!)

Wedding photographers are now probably the default person to be present in every wedding. Definitely, we want our best moments of our weddings to be captured! And that is why we will spend money to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture all our best shots, and not a school boy who just has a camera in hand.

However, some things wedding couples have to know about wedding photographers, is that they have to choose them correctly. Choose the wrong one, and you may regret your whole life! (There is no trial run in weddings yea!)


Here are the 3 tips you have to take note:

1. Hire Professional

I know couples would want to save cost, but when it comes to photography, it may not be the right choice to save here. You can get your friends or school mates who are in the photography club, but they might not have experience doing photoshoots for live wedding days. If you want to have the best scenes in your wedding day that you want to remember for the rest of your marriage life, get a professional photographer . The money is worth it!

2. Check their portfoilo

A photographer can claim how good they are, how expensive their equipment is. However, they doesn’t matter if their photography skills are not up to standard. It is important to check their portfolio and the way they take the photos. Do you like their photos? If not, get another one.

You have to like what they do, the style of their photography before hiring one. That is how you sieve out thousands of photographers in the market.

3. Check their package

Wedding photography can be tricky sometimes if things are not laid out completely to you. There may be hidden costs which you don’t know. There may be extra charges for things that you use on the actual day. You may not get the full high resolution photos. You may need to pay extra for digital copies. You don’t want these to happen. You want to be upfront with them, and get them to be upfront with you.

Hence when choosing actual day wedding photography package, check all their items provided, their terms and conditions before signing it. You don’t want to be ‘Surprised’ with hidden fees on wedding day.

That’s about it! Hope you love the tips we share with you.

This blogpost is brought to you by Wedding Experts, the web portal which features the best wedding vendors in Singapore.


Wedding Guide 101 For Soon-To-Be Weds!

It’s our first ever post, and we would like to share some simple tips to help our newly weds with their wedding planning.

wedding guide for newly weds

Wedding is a very important and significant event for two individuals. A perfect wedding is every couple’s dream. Nothing should spoil it. Nothing should ruin it. Like any other flawless event, wedding should be immaculately planned. Wedding also needs to be unique, custom and personal.

Attention needs to be paid to every minute detail; from cake to dress and from location to decoration.

  • The first thing which comes in mind as a prospective bride is Wedding Gown. The gown must be such that it leaves the guests awestruck when the bride walks down the aisle. Though people give enough importance to the dress, the footwear usually does not get the attention it deserves. As important as the gown and heels are, don’t underestimate the power of accessories. A well chosen accessory like necklace or earrings can enhance the look manifolds.
  • Bridesmaid’s bouquet needs to be flawless and match the whole attire so that it contributes to create a dreamy and magical wedding experience.
  • Cake is a very important part of the wedding. The cake must match the theme of the event or if you like to be unique, your cake can also be customized to show your personality. If it’s a destination wedding, don’t forget to incorporate its touch or flavor in your cake.
  • As soon as the wedding date is finalized, rush to book your dream venue. A beautiful location is a must for any memorable wedding.
  • Decoration is always an integral part of any event and more so of a wedding. An eye catching centerpiece adds drama and elegance. A good example is a ceiling high bouquet of red roses, white lilies and pink orchids along with suspended tea lights and glittering streamers. An interesting entrance sets the tone for the whole event. This should be given an equal thought.
    Food and beverages are an important part too. Having at least one favorite item of both bride and groom on the menu gives the celebration a special touch. If you can add the story behind your favorites; it will add that interesting twist too.
  • With all the effort involved in planning the wedding, it cannot be afforded to forget even a single moment. Wedding album is a thing to cherish forever. You must add fun elements to some of your wedding photograph for an offbeat album.
  • Don’t forget to express your gratitude for all the guests who were a part of your joy and blessed you on your special day. It may be via a simple thank you speech or a small gift.
    Last but not the least, a surprise gift for one’s partner acts like a pretty cherry on top of all the excitement and happiness and will make it an affair to remember.

We hope that these tips does help you in your wedding planning.

We also come across a video that shares more about wedding planning. It is a video by an experienced wedding planner, and there are some important tips you can take note to prepare for your dream day.

If you enjoy our first article, we hope to provide you more with information about wedding planning. Some big wedding websites we do follow include TheKnot & WeddingBlogs100 . They are also good sites that you can check out.

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